Mining Perspectives is building a new media platform to investigate and highlight mining company operations from unconventional points of view. Mining Perspectives also publishes research reports of mining companies, adopting an academic writing style utilizing citations referring to publicly available information. The goal is to minimize bias and to provide an alternative to the typical opinion editorial style of conventional research reports published within the financial research space.

Established Industry – New Perspectives

From exploration through to development and operation, there is much more to the modern mining company story than just geology and economics. The market and investors need to consider the broader picture (e.g. operations related to environmental and social factors) to fully understand how day-to-day operational activities directly influence the current and future perceived market value of mineral exploration, development, and extraction companies.

Minimizing Opinion and Bias in Research Reports

Company research reports within the financial industry typically contain few to no factual citations leading to doubt over the validity of article contents. Articles published on Mining Perspectives aim to eliminate author biases and opinion by providing citations of facts presented in each article. The first article written about a company includes a literature review of all publicly available information up to the date published. These articles are excellent resources for current and prospective investors.


With several written research reports anonymously published within the last year, Mining Perspectives has big plans for 2023 with the aim to launch interviews with mining companies. Stay tuned for updates on the Podcast page.

About the Author

The founder of Mining Perspectives has published several academic journal articles as the lead author and has contributed to numerous technical reports working in the environmental engineering profession. Leveraging knowledge and experience, the author has approached understanding the mining industry from a technical view over the past five years. Fusing technical environmental insights in the context of social impacts including conventional financial and geological analysis, Mining Perspectives aims to share unique insights of publicly traded mining companies.